Overview & Goals

An innovative augmented reality platform
for the rural tourism sector

AUREA4RURAL aims to create an innovative digital augmented reality platform (Smartphone APP) for the rural tourism sector along with training materials according to the tasks of the staff working in these sector: managers of Natural Parks,

rural hotels, restaurants, companies providing leisure activities, culture or environment departments from rural towns and villages and visitors. From this main objective, several specific objectives are defined:

Furn 360 phases

Identify competences
To identify and understand competences and needs of rural tourism ́s employees and professionals in the use of digital tools for information and promotion of the sector.

Tourism product
To enable to create a tourism product for the interpretation of a location as selected by the tourist.

E-learning platform
To develop an e-learning platform considering the needs identified and focused on the target group elected

A recent study from DG GROW confirms that the implementation of innovative tools to present the tourism offer is critical.

in the tourism sector the concept of Smart Destinations is growing with special interest from the rural side.

In a survey conducted across 48 countries by EUROGITES, most of the respondents showed a high interest in AR in terms of the possibilities it offers to anticipate experiences

AR in learning
To enhance the integration of AR in learning and training and support learners and educational staff in improving the use of ICT and digital competences.

To promote open access
To promote open access to learning content addressing rural tourism sector in line with individual’s needs and expectations, reducing skills mismatches.

Capacity Building in the rural tourism sector
Capacity Building in the rural tourism sector: Establishing a stable and active Strategic Partnership that will promote active cooperation among enterprises, professional organisations and local/Regional Bodies to support high quality VET with a strong work based learning component.

Regional Bodies to support
Regional Bodies to support high quality VET with a strong work based learning component.

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