This section contains an overview of the reports, deliverables and other dissemination materials that have been developed during the ‘Aurea4Rural’ project.

Report on Rural Tourism Employees:
Current Competences and Qualifications Needs
for the Use of Augmented Reality and Related
Tools (ENG)
November 2018 Download here
Primer Informe Sobre Empleados de Turismo
Rural: Aptitudes Actuales y Calificaciones
Necesarias para el Uso de la Realidad
Aumentada y Herramientas Similares (SPA)
November 2018 Descargar aquí
Uurimus Maaturismisektori Töötajate Kohta:
Olemasolevad Pädevused Ja
Kvalifikatsioonivajadused Liitreaalsuse Ning
Sellega Seotud Tööriistade Kasutamise Osas (EST)
November 2018 Allalaadimine siin
Bericht Über Ländliche Tourismus-Mitarbeiter:
Aktuelle Kompetenzen Und Qualifikationen Für
Die Verwendung Von Augmented Reality Und
Verwandten Werkzeugen (GER)
November 2018 Hier herunterladen
Report Sugli Operatori Del Turismo Rurale: Competenze Attuali
E NecessitÀ Di Qualificazione Per L’Utilizzo Della RealtÀ
Aumentata E Degli Strumenti Correlati (ITA)
November 2018 Scarica qui
Aurea4Rural Training Course (ENG) November 2019 Download here
Aurea4Rural Training Course (EST) November 2019 Allalaadimine siin
Aurea4Rural Training Course (GER) November 2019 Hier herunterladen
Aurea4Rural Training Course (SPA) November 2019 Descargar aquí
Aurea4Rural Training Course (ITA) November 2019 Scarica qui
Guide for using Aurea4Rural E-Learning platform November 2019 Download here
Aurea4Rural Quick-start guide for Webtool and App November 2019 Download here
Leaflet June 2018 Download here
 Poster June 2018 Download here

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