Aurea4Rural Tools

An innovative augmented reality platform
for the rural tourism sector

AUREA4RURAL has been designed with the aim of supporting the development and implementation of a new training program in the use of ICT in the rural tourism sector. The tangible results to be developed under the field of the project include:

Furn 360 phases

Report on Rural Tourism Employees:
An analysis on digital competences of the new professionals and employees in the rural tourism sector in the use of Augmented Reality and digital tools for promoting the sector.

AR tool
An AR Tool constituting of Webtool and Smartphone App for Android. to be used by companies or public institutions that are dedicated to rural tourism which promotes and informs visitors about the environment. Staff and students will be able to build points of interest. These points which constitute a mix of digital and real world information, will be integrated within an AR tool.

Learning resources
Set of learning resources to support the students: explanatory video tutorials on Webtool and App use, a technical guide for the Webtool and AR App use and Modules with learning material, e.g. on how to generate effective content.

Real cases of AR
delivered as part of the learning content, i.e. the Modules, to help learners assimilate their learning.

e-Learning platform
A collaborative e-Learning platform where the content, i.e. the Modules, a Guide how to use the platform and linking to the AR tool will be freely available.

Pilot test
where workers, students and end users have tested the digital tools and didactic materials, has been organized.

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