Why AR in Rural Tourism?

Many European cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin or Saint Petersburg offer a tourism experience with AR as a new way to promote themselves and with the aim that tourists can identify and trace everything around them. But what happens with the Rural Tourism?

Aurea4Rural Tools


An AR Smartphone and Website APP to be used by companies or public institutions that are dedicated to rural tourism which promotes and informs visitors about the environment. Staff and students will be able to build points of interest. These points which constitute a mix of digital and real world information, will be integrated within an AR tool.

Collaborative Platform

A collaborative e-Learning platform with learning resources, tutorials and a technical guide of the AR tools and how to generate effective content and the AR tool will be freely available.

Consortium Partners

With similar needs across Europe, the transnational dimension of this objective is not possible to achieve in a single country. This motivates the creation of a consortium that brings together six entities from Estonia, France (transnational organisation), Spain, Germany and Italy representing 56% of the total rural tourism infrastructure in Europe.

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